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Boutique financial services

The West Bay Financial Group (‘WestBayFG’) is the trading name for WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Limited and WB Corporate Services Ltd.

WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Limited was incorporated in 2011, initially providing accounting services to clients.

WB Corporate Services Ltd was incorporated in 2016. It is licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as corporate services provider, allowing a broader and more comprehensive range of complimentary services.

WestBayFG now works with several hundred clients and is continually building on our well earned reputation as a quality service provider. We have expanded our services to match the growing regulatory requirements and in response to our clients’ needs.

Recruiting the right caliber of staff is essential to the success of WestBayFG. Our team is young, dynamic and made up of exceptionally well qualified professionals. Accordingly, we are ideally equipped to provide our clients the highest level service in the industry.

Client services include:

  1. Corporate Services – company formation and registered office related services,
  2. Accounting & Financial Reporting – bookkeeping, Financial Controller, and CFO services,
  3. AML appointments, including AMLCO, MLRO, and DMLRO,
  4. FATCA/CRS registration and reporting,
  5. Economic substance, and
  6. AML / Internal Audit.